Getting Involved
"How do I Get Into Burlesque?"


The glitz! The glamour! The sleepless nights!  We get asked the question, "How do I get into burlesque?" so often that we're dedicating a page to some helpful tips and best practices for getting involved in the scene.  The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue is not holding regular auditions at this time, but there are some other great ways to get your foot in the curtain!


1.  Attend as many burlesque shows as you can.  It is the best way to get to know the other performers and troupes in town, their styles, and how you might best connect with the community.  

2. Take a burlesque class.  There is an array of classes and workshops offered in town, with emphasis on different styles of performance from classic burlesque movement to the more modern, jazz styles.  The Austin Academy of Burlesque offers solid, classic burlesque technique as well as specialty workshops.

3. Offer to volunteer as a "Stage Kitten" at a burlesque show.  A Stage Kitten (or Stage Bunny, as The Jigglewatts call them) is asked to dress in cute retro or themed attire and gracefully pick up the garments left on stage by the performers after each act.  Being a Stage Kitten requires a good deal of stage presence, attention to detail, team spirit, and is a wonderful way to see first-hand how a burlesque show comes together and what all is involved in production. For Jigglewatts' Stage Bunny opportunities, please contact

4. Invest in "The Burlesque Handbook" by Jo Weldon. A living neo-burlesque legend, Jo Weldon is founder and headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, and has packed this little book with wonderful information for brand new performers and seasoned veterans alike.

5. Do your homework.  The burlesque community is expanding every day, with much higher visibility in the regional, national, and global scenes. It's becoming a very small world! We highly recommend becoming familiar with "who's who" in the national circuit, discovering the awesomeness that is the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and doing as much research as you can on the history of burlesque and its legendary stars.


Yours in love and glitter,

The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue